Second Series of Blood & Beyond Webinar is going to be held on 26 th May

NRNA BTS TT Team, in association with NRCS CBTS and in support from Nepal Mediciti Hospital, CHDS-Nepal and Aspirenix is organizing the 2 nd series of the webinar, “BLOOD &BEYOND” under the title, “Irregular antibody screening and possible significance; but how?” on 26 th May, 2019. As the format of the webinar, the event will be delivered online through the online meeting platform, as well as onsite at Nepal Mediciti Hospital.

The 1st  webinar series titled, “ABO/RH Typing, What type is your patient” delivered by Mrs. Sabisha Shrestha from USA was well received by all the participants. According to the organizing committee, the main speaker for the 2 nd series is Mr. Fanindra Panta from the Netherlands. Mr. Panta will be delivering the talk on the aforementioned title. The main talk will be followed by panel and open floor discussion. There is a lineup of good
panelists from the transfusion medicine profession, Dr. Bipin Nepal from Nepal and Mr. Ashwini Kumar Nepal and Mrs. Sita Shrestha from USA. The moderators for the event are Mr. Shrawan Kumar Shrestha from Nepal and Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha from USA. Mr.Kunal Mishra is coordinating onsite for this event.

According to the organizing committee, the registration deadline for the event was set for 20 th May, but the deadline has been extended to accommodate more participants. This free event is targeted to physicians, surgeons, nurses, blood bank and laboratory professionals and the

For more information on the webinar series #2, please see the link below: